Who We Are

We support customers in the implementation of software and security solutions applying best practices, where they be able to be competitive in the global business world

Leader in ICT Solutions

Eruditsioon is a world wide ICT solutions provider, that continuously researches and innovates solutions, based on customer requirements and needs, we are totally oriented to provide customers our best effort in order to generate a maximum value in their business operations, processes and consumers. Our IT products and solutions are currently used in 3 countries around the world.

Over 10% of our annual sales revenue is oriented to R&D and more than 50% of our employees work for R&D projects. Based in our experience and expertise in the ICT sector, we help bridge the digital divide and promote high-quality processes automation. We make every effort to support secure and develop of solutions that involves complex requirements and help customers and industries improve efficiency in the daily operations. We are focused in building a global value chain, helping local innovators maximize their global value and sharing the outcomes.

An automated World is the challenge. Working closely with partners and co workers, we assure to build efficient solutions and digital systems which will enhance the productivity and quality for companies, with the aim of opening opportunities and potential for everyone everywhere and to move the world forward. We are ready for attending you and become Your Advisor in Technology.

Our expertise areas

We have wide expertise in the entire process of developing software solutions oriented to any kind of business. In the latest years we have been specialized in financial and security systems, as well as criptography, project management, support & maintenance, training and IT Consulting.

Throughout our services and products we add chain value to our clients and its customers in their processes and operations that involves software solutions. This chain of value helps organizations to be more efficient in the specific areas they need by ensuring strong results, thanks to our software specialization and data knowledge from the edge to the core.

To implement the solutions, we have developed secure software and operating systems’s components that together with our methodologies and experience, help us to offer a complete and proffesional service, as well as deliver solutions based in customer requirements and with a minimum of fail at the golive installation phase.


Leadership Advisory Team based in Mexico City with production facilities in Argentina and India.