nCripter is a Services platform, for asset protection using strong cryptography.

It allows to secure sensitive transactions and sensitive information interchanges using known and standard cryptographic methods, with no human interaction.

nCripter platform provides the following functionality:
Key Management
Full life cycle management of secret keys, in order to support cryptographic applications:
  • Secure key generation
  • Key load and key management over HSM equipments
  • Transport and keys injection, throughout secure media
  • Support to the main cryptographic algorithms: 2DES and 3DES,AES (128, 192 y 256), RSA, Elliptic Curves
Symmetric-Asymmetric Cryptography
High performance cryptographic operations engine, supported by HSM equipments.
  • Symmetric and asymmetric algorithms
  • Encryption and decryption in hardware
  • Financial transactions (PIN, CVV, ARQC, ARPC)

Authentication-Identity Management
Management identity model that allows managing all users on all networks and all devices:
  • Handling multiple authentication factors (Token, Smartcard, Mobile, etc.)
  • Based on industry standards of: OATH, LDAP, etc.
Toolkit that nimbly incorporate physical features such as factor authentication:
  • FingerPrint
  • Voice
  • Iris