dTKtor is a comprehensive protection system for ATMs, designed to block attacks based on injecting malicious hardware and software, that overcomes protective measures based in Software tools.

It is based on a reliable inventory management hardware and software system (whitelist) controlled from a central console that allows to control as inviolable the initialization sequence of the ATM hardware and operating systems used.

The dTKtor platform is composed of the following elements:

Configuration Control Module (CCM)
Is a card that plugs directly into the motherboard’s CPU of the ATM in order to take the control of the boot cycle of the unit. It has 2 operating modes: Provisioning & Operation.
Each event is recorded in a log and is transmitted to the SCC, to allow monitoring the integrity of the network of ATMs centrally.

Central Control Server (CCS)
Is the server where the database resides, including the ATM’s with the different versions of its inventory configuration, the events generated, the commands issued and the results, as well as authorized users and their authorization profiles.

Operation & Monitor Console (OMC)
It allows monitoring the status, events and alarms in the entire network of ATMs and send commands in order to control behavior of them during the boot phase. The monitoring & control functions are:

  • Control Panel
  • Events
  • Alarms
  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Maintenance
  • Remote Provisioning
  • USB protection